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A Message Of Empowerment

Most of us desire to pursue our calling in life. This yearning leads us to continually search for signs we are on the right path.  While no two of us will travel the same route, we can be certain our paths will be littered with obstacles that test our will and strength.


As women, we’re often revered as being strong and resilient.  Because we tend to serve as the backbone of the family, we are inclined to put the needs of others above our own.  In doing so, we can unintentionally move farther and farther away from the things that bring our soul joy.  Our selflessness can lead to self-destruction that causes us to get off track in our own faith walk.


But, there’s always an opportunity to get back on the right path.  If we can get still and listen to the yearnings of our soul as guided by HIS divine light, we can design a future for ourselves that is aligned with our God-given gifts, talents, and abilities.

Let’s walk together, head held high, into the future He has designed for you.

I remind everyone I work with, “You are a diamond.”  Your life’s journey produces the flaws and “facets” that make you beautiful inside and out.


Indestructible and timeless, magnificent and unique, rare and of enduring value, you are more than enough just as you are.  You were cut for this.



“Cynthia, You are a very special person. God still has angels like you around. When God made you, he really made a genuine strong lady! You have touched my heart many times!”

During Ms. Williams' lifetime, she has experienced abandonment by her parents at birth. She is no stranger to pain from domestic violence, abuse and body image struggles. Through P.U.M.P.S., Ms. Williams spreads a positive message of reaching your full potential and consequently elevating yourself despite your struggles.

-Melissa A.

God is good and blessing me in so many ways during this pandemic and P.U.M.P.S. is definitely one of them!

I still have my notes from the last Motivation Workshop held by Pastor Cynthia in the summer.  I read over them and reflect upon the goodness of God often.  Please let her know that I am immensely blessed by her PUMPS ministry!

- Sis. Cordy Postell

I don't think you understand how much it means to me to have your constant encouragement and prayers. I love being in you all’s presence and P.U.M.P.S. has, and continues to push me through. Your ministry is a blessing to me and me sharing what God sends through me and a way for me to give back what he has gifted me with. Love and appreciate you dearly!

I'm full. Sis, I love you soo much! I thank God for reconnecting us. There are not many real authentic, Godly women like you. When you say you got me, I know you do. I pray that you experience the Love of God, blessings, peace and favor like never before. Fill her up Lord!!!

This challenge has been simply amazing! The ups and the lessons I have learned in these 31 days were challenging but rewarding. I am blessed to know you and walk with you! I am going to continue on because my body and spirit needs it to reflect and relax with my Jesus.

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