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ReDefine You - ReDifine Your Dreams - ReDefine Your Destiny


Are you ready to ignite the fire within you as you embark on a revolutionary encounter designed to help YOU awaken your god-given dreams, shatter the barriers that have held you back, and equip you to powerfully ReDefine your life? Prepare to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of prayer, divine inspiration, networking, and inner work. You will gain access to profound wisdom and resources needed to prosper in every dynamic of your life.

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Here is a glimpse of what awaits you during this transcending weekend:

  • Prayer & Inspiration: Cultivate a deeper connection with God and harness invaluable guidance to propel your path towards both personal and professional expansion.

  • Networking & Empowerment: Establish connections with fellow trailblazers, creating a network of support and encouragement to fuel your aspirations.

  • ReDifined Panel Discussion- "PUMPS Real Talk": Hear real, raw, and relatable advice from successful women who have overcome obstacles and achieved their dreams.

  • ReDefined Intensive-"The Abundant Life": unlock keys to prosperity in every facet of your existence. Discover the art of aligning your actions with your purpose, arming yourself with the essential tools and strategies required to manifest your goals. Explore the interplay between faith and abundance, charting a course toward a life radiating with prosperity and fulfillment.

    • Souled Out: Dive deep into the transformative practice of reprogramming your mind, aligning every action with your innate purpose as you manifest your destiny with intention and clarity.

    • Positioned to Prosper: Elevate yourself to new heights as you get into divine alignment, empowering you to conquer your deepest aspirations with grace and precision.

    • Prayer and Prosperity: Enter a realm of communion where unwavering faith intertwines seamlessly with boundless abundance, illuminating the path to prosperity with divine guidance and spiritual resonance.


At PUMPS Ladies Lift Weekend: ReDefined, you will uncover your hidden potential, develop a roadmap for success, and leave feeling empowered and ready to conquer your dreams.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Seats are limited, so register today to secure your spot at the PUMPS Ladies Lift Weekend: ReDefined!

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Meet The Host

Pastor & Coach Cynthia Williams

I'm thrilled to welcome you to PUMPS Ladies Lift Weekend: ReDefined! This October 4th-5th in Atlanta, we're embarking on a powerful journey together to ignite your inner fire and redefine what's possible in your life.

I know you have dreams burning bright within you. This weekend is designed to help you fan those flames into a raging inferno, ready to propel you toward a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Whether you're seeking a deeper connection with God, a supportive community of women who believe in you, or the tools and strategies to finally achieve your goals, PUMPS Ladies Lift Weekend: ReDefined has something for you.

I can't wait to meet you in person and witness the amazing things you'll achieve!

With warmth and sisterly love,

-Cynthia Williams

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